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The Louisville Bats lost 5-2. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts were rained out.

No make up game.

The Daytona Tortugas lost 7-4. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 9-3. Box Score

6/7 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 24-36 N/A 7:04pm Stout Here Here Here
Chattanooga 32-26 N/A 7:00pm TBA Here Here Here
Daytona 32-28 N/A 7:05pm Sceroler Here Here N/A
Dayton 21-39 N/A 7:05pm Richardson
Here Here Here

41 Responses

  1. kevinz

    Nice got Callihan Signed already. Glad did not take long at all.

    • The Duke

      I wonder if he’ll start at Greenville or head out to Arizona. I’d bet on Greenville.

  2. GallowayB

    Congratulations to Mike Siani! He’s the 1st Dragon to get four hits in one game this season.

    • Kindell

      I am so happy for Siani. I am really high on this kid and I think he is one of the younger guys who has a great chance of breaking out into the next great top prospect. n He is now 7 for 20 in his last 5 games.

      Over his last 21 games he is slashing .266/.356/.456. He also has 3 HR over that time.

      It takes a little longer to adjust for such a young guy who is facing older and more experienced pitchers almost every AB.

  3. William Kubas

    Bats’ Game 60
    Former Stanford Cardinal, Alex Blandino started at 3rd base.

    I listened to the 790 KRD broadcast of the Bats’ Game 60.

    Blandino struck a home run (RBI) in the first inning.

    Blandino gained an assist on a stellar 5*-3 putout for the first out in the bottom of the first.

    Blandino struck a home run (RBI) in the third inning.

    Blandino gains an assist on the 5-4 putout for the third out in the bottom of the third inning.

    Blandino singles on four pitches in the 5th inning.

    Blandino grounds out 6-3 in the 7th inning.

    Blandino gains two assists on the first and second outs in the bottom of the 8th innings on 5-3 putouts.


    • Simon Cowell

      Great play by play there! Who does Blandino unseat on the 25 man roster?

      • RojoBenjy

        I’d say goodbye to Jose Peraza. But at this point that would be a wash.

      • Doug Gray

        No one. He will head back/remain with Louisville when his rehab stint is up. Peraza has more position flexibility, so does Farmer. With a short bench, Blandino, short of someone getting hurt between now and then, is going to be optioned.

    • Troy

      I forgot how much I missed this. Let’s go Alex!

    • The Duke

      Kids, find someone that loves you as much as William Kubas loves Stanford Cardinal baseball.

  4. Jim t

    Need someone to talk me off the ledge. Is this team better offensively with Gennett at 2nd and DD at first? Has Votto regressed to the point where running him out there everyday is not giving our team the best chance to win. We are coming up on about a year and a half of data and his numbers are declining rapidly. The projections for this year are staggering. His drop in power and run production are alarming. I ask myself constantly if I am a pitcher what is the worse thing I can do when facing Votto and my answer is to not throw him strikes. When your a first baseman who over the last two years power numbers and BA have dropped dramatically I am not nibbling when you are at the dish. His projections for this year are 11 dingers. His walks are 69 and his K’s are more the double his walks. If those numbers are a true indicator of where he is headed as a player how much longer can we run him out there? In his last ten games which have been his best stretch this season he has fanned 10 times and walked 2. He has no homers and 2 doubles. He has a bunch of seeing eye ground ball singles and a few bloops. When do we think about a change? My answer is after this year. I understand he can’t be traded because he has a no trade clause which would make him nearly impossible to move. Are there other options we can employ that would produce more then Joey? He has given us lots to cheer about over the years but is it time to move on? Is this the end of the Votto era? I went and looked at his career stats and it is depressing the drop in production since the start of 2018. As he currently sits his projections for this year are terrible when compared to his career norms. Thoughts?????

    • Baba Louie

      I wonder about his eye sight. Maybe the Reds should check it out. Awfully fast decline.

      • Jim t

        I worry about his head. I don’t know if he is capable of making the adjustments to the way pitchers are pitching him now. Walking Votto with his approach is like walking a 7 hole hitter. The reds know he isn’t a run producer anymore that is why he is now a 2 hole hitter. Pitchers in the league understand they do not have to nibble to get him out. Thus more strikes being called on him. He also is swinging and missing more. Would love to see him turn it around but I really don’t see it happening.

      • Reaganspad

        I agree about his eyesight.

        He is arguing about pitches that are clearly strikes, not just on the black. And that has crashed his confidence as a hitter.

    • jon

      I’ve been saying the same thing but has you can see no one wants to talk about it. The reds still owe Votto $107m after this year.

      • Cguy

        People do want to talk about it, they’re just reluctant because many people won’t tolerate criticizing Votto. Now, and in the future it’s going to become extremely difficult for the Reds to win this division with a light-hitting, little-power 1st baseman that can’t run.

      • Doug Gray

        That’s the deal when you sign superstars. You get absolute deals in the first half of the contract when they are producing 2-3 times what they are paid, and you “overpay” in the second half of the contract when they are declining.

        That’s why I don’t want to talk about it. Because it’s silly. No one was out there screaming “Joey Votto is worth $60M! when he was being paid $20M a few years ago”. Just like today I’m not going to complain that right this second he’s making more than he’s producing.

    • MK

      If you are on that ledge go ahead and jump. I am one who can see that Votto is declining, but still better than a utility guy who is a .260 lifetime hitter and now that they have stopped throwing him fast balls will be again. I kind of hope the Indians will give up a couple minor leaguers at the deadline for him in their quest for an outfielder while bringing local boy home. Though he would probably get Lindor killed after posing at the plate.

    • AJ

      Against RH pitchers I think the answer is the Reds are clearly better with Dietrich at 1B , Gennett at 2B and Votto on the bench. Against LH pitching the team is better with Votto at 1B, Dietrich on the bench and (take your pick between Farmer, Gennett or Peraza at 2B).

    • wes

      I think we have this same convo every year on Votto all through the spring while he struggles. His numbers will improve over season like they always do, but they’ll most likely be less than his career average and that’s expected. His role will surely change over next couple seasons and his playing time will diminish some, but he will never be the type of cancer like Homer Bailey was.

      His salary number is becoming less of an issue to with organizations making more than ever and spending less than ever in perspective on player salaries. Yeah he’s owed a 100 million over next 4 seasons but that’s not the same impact it would have 5, 10, 20 years ago and nearly every team as a player or 3 they are overpaying….

      I’m more worried about reds trade deadline strategy. They need to continue to add talent to this team and give up on developing minor league players.

      • RojoBenjy

        Wes- good point about trade deadline strategy. Their track record has me nervous too.

  5. Jim t

    CGuy I think Joey can be productive again but he is going to have to be willing to adjust. Pitchers are not nibbling while pitching to him anymore. They are coming after him by throwing strikes. His lack in power has determined that strategy. His inability to drive the ball out of the park has led to this approach. He is a walk first hit second type of hitter now. Pitchers have figured that out. He is on pace to hit 11 fingers this year why would they fear throwing him strikes.

    • Cguy

      Whenever the Reds win this division with Joey Votto batting 2nd & playing every day; I’ll just be ecstatic to eat all the crow sent my way.

      • kevinz

        If Votto wants to Win. I would Love for him tell Bell i will sit to Win or Move Down the Lineup to Win. That would i think send a good message to the Club. Team first Votto second.

      • RojoBenjy


        What’s wrong with the manager wanting to win, so he tells Votto, “i’m moving you to the 7 hole?”

        I know he’s the Big Guy, but maybe he needs a wake up call like that. Maybe he needs a 10 day “I’ll” sabbatical? Anyone’s guess.

      • kevinz

        Either way would be fine with me. I figured if manager wanted to do it, he might have done it by Now. I am sure Bell wants to Win. No debating that. I did not intend to make it sound as if Bell wants to Lose.

  6. The Duke

    Mike Siani was dreadful at the plate in April. Absolutely horrendous. .165/.276/.200 good for a .476 OPS. The little solace from that month is that he had a solid walk rate and only K’d once a game, while not great is still not as bad as the rest of his line.

    In May while the batting average was still lagging at only .220 (although still an improvement) the rest of his was actually quite good, especially the power, which is a good sign from a 19 year old in the Midwest league. Siani maintained his solid walk rate with an OBP 106 points higher than his batting average but the real increase in value came with extra base hits. 3 doubles, 2 triples, and 3 home runs on the month. His K rate also decreased slightly with 18 K in 23 games in the month. His overall line increased to .220/.326/.415, good for a .741 OPS.

    With the very large caveat that that June is only 5 games so far and that last night had a large impact on it, his line in June is great so far. .350/.409/.500 with his 1 extra base hit being a home run. Interesting to note that after 8 stolen bases in April (4 caught), Siani only had 2 stolen bases in May (1 caught) despite being on base more. That too has turned around as he already has 3 stolen bases in June (0 caught) in only 5 games.

    It’s fun to see young players like Siani improve, and he’s already been pretty impressive defensively. Hopefully the upward trend continues and he is proving to be the type of dynamic all around player we hoped for after signing him for $2 million last year in the draft.

  7. Tom

    Jose Garcia is really making some noise this season. I love it.

    What about Aquino? This year has been outstanding for him. At 25, he’s still a prospect in my book, and now his K:BB ratio is 3:1 all while mashing the ball.

    Between Blandino, Aquino, Van Meter, O’Grady, and Longhi, the Reds have some good bench options this year and next year – with some of those players having a shot at a starting LF/RF or 2b job.

    • Cguy

      Blandino & Van Meter have options for next year, but I’m not sure about Aquino, O’Grady, & Longhi. A couple of those guys should get a legitimate chance to show what they can do in the ML this season.

      • Tom

        Seems like Aquino could at least reproduce what Puig is doing, but that is a big assumption.

    • RojoBenjy

      The young man has requested to go by his given name, Michael.

      It’s not Doug being a Mary Poppins.

      So let’s respect the player’s wishes.