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The Louisville Bats lost 4-3. Box Score

The Chattanooga Lookouts won 7-1 in 7 innings. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas lost 8-3. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 9-4. Box Score

6/8 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 24-37 N/A 7:04pm Sims Here Here Here
Chattanooga 33-26 N/A 7:00pm Antone Here Here Here
Daytona 32-29 N/A 7:05pm Sanmartin Here Here N/A
Dayton 22-39 N/A 7:05pm Marinan
Here Here Here

34 Responses

  1. William Kubas

    Bats’ Game 61
    Former Stanford Cardinal, Alex Blandino starts Bats’ Game 61 at second base.

    I listened to the broadcast on 790 KRD.

    Blandino flies out to center field on 8 pitches in the first inning.

    Blandino strikes out for the first out in the third inning.

    Blandino gains an assist on a 4-3 put out in the bottom of the 4th inning.

    Blandino grounds out in a fielders choice in the sixth inning.

    Blandino walks on 5 pitches and takes second base on an E2 interference

    Blandino is taken down in the 8th inning.


    • Simon Cowell

      Yeah! Go Standford Cardinal Baseball.

      • Matt

        I’m not all that knowledgeable about baseball. Help me understand why Puig is playing and Aquino is not. Aquino has the eighth best BA in the international league. It seems like the Reds have no intention of signing Puig after this year and Puig has little trade value. Why not see what Aquino can do? Lying doesn’t seem to be doing much anyhow.

      • Randy in Chatt

        Why? There’s several reasons. #1: Puig has done it for several seasons on the major league level while Aquino has done it for a few games at the AAA level. The jump from AAA to the majors is huge. #2: Puig is a known commodity, while Aquino is not. You don’t know what you’ll get with Aquino at the ML level #3: Puig is on pace for over 30 homers and if his contact rate improves, his OPS/OBP should rise as well. If it does, teams will come calling during the trade deadline. Puig doing well at the ML level can only help the Reds. That’s what they are banking on. #4: Puig defensively is a beast while Aquino is not bad himself, both have great arms for RF. He is contributing, just not as well as he can with the bat. #5: Puig is on the 40 man, Aquino is not. Who will you remove to get Aquino on the squad? #6: Aquino himself has had a history of contact issues. Let him have a level of success at the AAA level for awhile before the pressure cooker of the ML level. #7: What message would it send to Puig’s teammates and fans (who love him) if they pulled the plug this early–once you drop someone from the 40 man and the 25 man, put Aquino in RF and drop Puig, you cannot go back. #8: Puig is a world-champion. #9: if Puig’s full potential is realized (may or may not happen) you have an MVP type player. #10: you drop Puig, you have essentially killed his trade value. His hustle and attitude would more than lifely change and it would affect the clubhouse. #11: The Reds FO want the Reds/Dodgers trade to be a success and will give it a chance to be a success. Pulling the plug on Puig would hurt that possibility greatly.

      • Cguy

        Frankly there are 9,700,000 reasons Puig is in the lineup daily & Aquino stays in Louisville. Performance is strickly secondary.

  2. Keith

    Love another strong outing for Scott Moss! 83 pitches in 6 innings – wish he could teach some of the Reds starters how to do that.

    • Doug Gray

      Let’s not get too carried away here. Moss, for as good as he’s been in some areas this year, control and pitch efficiency isn’t one of them. He’s walked 44 batters in 57.2 innings this season. He’s averaging well under 5 innings per start.

      He’s never had control/walk problems in the past. But this year something’s going on there.

  3. Simon Cowell

    Doug is right on all things baseball. I will never say another comment against his opinion on this website. I will join the collective.
    Doug, you are never wrong!

  4. MK

    Miles Gordon had to have the type game players dream about. A. Perfect bunt single his first time up which helped spur the team to early lead. Played solid defense in left field got solid. Hits and ran bases well next two official at bats, got hit by a pitch, then hit a blast to right center his final time. He is technically not a five-tool player but he showed off five last night. Since he has come back to Dayton they have a five game winning streak.

  5. Wes

    Dallas Kuechel finally signed yesterday. 1 year paying him 13 million for rest of season. The very minimum the reds offered him was an additional 40 million dollars and probably additional 50 million all guaranteed. So with no fall back option to the reds offer Kuechel walked away and sat on his rump for 3 months until finally Atlanta offered him 1 year 13 million.

    If I was offered 50 million to work in Afghanistan for 5 years- I would do it, let alone Cincinnati. The life changing money I would use to secure my family for this generation and the next- it’s an easy sacrifice to make. So when Dallas passes on 40+ million just bc he doesn’t want to play in cincy….

    Wes, on what planet did you decide that you could curse and use insulting nicknames here? This is going to be the only warning you’re going to get. Do it again and you will be banned.

    • MK

      When you have already made millions peoples motivations are different.

    • RojoBenjy

      I suspect he will regret he didn’t take a multi-year deal from ATL when he tries to test the market again this off-season.

    • Cguy

      I believe Dallas Kuechel did the Reds an enormous favor in not accepting their generous multi-year offer. They would have lost a draft pick, plus he probably wouldn’t have appreciably lowered their team ERA had he signed. After this season, the Reds can probably compete on signing him for less money (with no loss of draft picks). But they probably will have better options– while he may not.

  6. PRbeisbolFL

    Has there been a better pitcher in the org. this year than Scott Moss – an Orlando guy, who along with Wink and Okey, all played HS ball in the area at the same time. Played against all 3 w/ Lake Brantley and they were the real deal and still are. Hope Scottie gets up to the Reds this year. Great to see Okey doing so well in AA. Amazing what being healthy can do for a ballplayer. Fellow Latino Brian Rey is another Orlando guy to watch. Doug wrote before this season that Rey has more power than stats reveal and kudos, in 3 weeks with Dayton he had the 2nd most HR’s (4) on the team. Kudos Doug. And “Rey can play” 4 positions. He’s been better hitter last 2 years in side to side comparison to Siani in Greeneville & Dayton. Hopefully the PD goofs don’t dramatically reduce his AB’s after draft picks sign, as they did last year when he was leading the Appy in hitting. Finally, don’t write off another Orlando guy, Kolozvary, who is an exceptional catcher.

    • Tom

      I’m interested to know more about Kolozsvary. Seems like a guy.

      Really pleased about Jose Garcia so far this year. 21 yo slugging over 400 at high A while playing SS. That is exactly what you love to see.

      • kevinz

        Agreed on Garcia tough league to hit in the FSL as well. Glad to see it.
        I keep checking on Downs to compare the 2. Downs is in the Cal league so hard to tell how he is doing.

      • RedsKoolAidDrinker

        Can’t wait to see the rankings, but especially to see where Garcia rises.

    • Cguy

      #1) Tejay Antone, #2) Packy Naughton, & #3) possibly Conner Curlis. I’m a huge fan of Scott Moss ,but he’ll have to walk a few less people before I’ll anoint him the best sp in the organization. On the other hand, certain people maintained the opinion that Moss’s stuff wouldn’t play at AA level and above. But it has.

      • Doug Gray

        Moss is throwing harder this year than he has in the past. At least on a consistent basis.

      • Cguy

        Point taken & appreciated. But why is it surprising on a 24 year-old 6’5′ 215 lb. lefty? For a 4th round pick, Moss has been a solid prospect from the get go. I wish half the Reds 4th rounders were this good.

  7. MK

    MATT, You have a young major leaguer, Puig, former All Star who has a proven record of consistent big league success and an inconsistent minor leaguer, Aquino, who is having a big year when many others are doing the same. Read the back of their baseball cards. Aquino 9 HR 17 RBI in AAA, Puig 11HR 33 RBI in MLB
    From a business standpoint, and it is a profit making business, you have an asset that you have spent thousands of dollars marketing. You will not discard that asset.

    • kevinz

      Puig a Consistent Performer lol wow who knew? I get what you mean though just had to laugh at that. I get Diff level but Puig has had many more AB then Aquino has Had.

  8. Bill

    Matt brings up an interesting point. One of the best minor league stories this year has been seeing Aquino, VanMeter, Longhi, and O’Grady put themselves in a position to earn a major league role through their performance at AAA.

    Aquino was once a consensus top 10 prospect in the Red’s strong farm. He’s got the best raw talent, but as he’s burned two option years thus far, it’s hard to see the Reds calling him up to the majors this year, unless they expected him to stay for the remainder of the season. If he continues to produce, he’ll have a great shot at a September call-up and 40-man roster spot over the winter.

    VanMeter, Longhi, and O’Grady are most likely bench players at the ML level. Each with multiple options left are ideal players to have at AAA at the ready for the Reds.

    That said, Blandino and Ervin are likely ahead of the other 4 on the organizational depth chart. While VanMeter hits LH as opposed to Ervin hitting RH, I think the Reds should swap them. VanMeter has received only 32 PA since first called up by the Reds 35 days ago–he could benefit from some regular at bats.

    I really can’t recall a time where the Reds have had more position player depth at AAA than they do today.

    • Michael Smith

      Does Aquino have option years left? How does that work once a player becomes a minor league free agent?

      • Bill

        Option years are only used when a player is on the 40-man roster. Aquino has one option year left.

        Rosterresource.com has depth charts of each team with service time and option years for each ML team and their minor league affiliates. The Red’s page can be found here:


    • RedsKoolAidDrinker

      Does Aquino have more raw talent than Siri?
      I can’t see Aquino ever being a starter in Cincinnati. I’d bet the house on Ervin, VanMeter, and O’Grady before him, however Trammel will own a spot.

      • Michael Smith


        Siri has more tools, plays high level defense at a premium position. I would venture to say that only the thing he has over Siri is raw power and maybe arm.

      • Bill

        I didn’t include Siri as he is at AA. Aquino was thought of pretty highly just two seasons ago. To me, Siri’s ability to play CF gives him the edge, but I think both have the talent to start at the ML level IF (and that is a big if on purpose) they can hit/get on base enough. Through two months, Aquino is one that has shown the most promise.

        I think Ervin is higher on the depth chart than any of those I mentioned. I think VanMeter and O’Grady (both LH) are more safer bets for a bench role.

        I’m not trying to oversell Aquino, but the fact that he has worked himself back into the conversation is exciting to me. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Doug ranks these players when he does his midseason prospect rankings.

  9. kevinz

    The Out Burst did not Help Siri. I still think he is closing his Flaws more like Aquino Has. Around that 24 year old age Last Year inside the Numbers Aquino improved a lot in AA compared to the Year before. Worked on new swing plus stance.
    Siri now close to 24 which Aquino was Last Year. Working on a new swing or stance.
    Showing Improvement in AA like Aquino did. Now not saying this with make them MLB players. I just think Both giving themselves a better chance at doing that.
    Both trying hard to cover up the Holes in their swings and games.
    If Siri ever Get his Temper in Order holy cow watch out lol.
    Early but inside his Numbers look very good. Power may show up Next.

  10. Matt

    Did the reds anymore new coaches to minor league staff you speculated that Tony fosas was in a different role so they need a picking coordinator