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The Louisville Bats had the day off. 

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 4-1. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 4-3 in 10 innings. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons won 3-2. Box Score

6/11 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 25-38 N/A 7:00pm Mella Here Here Here
Chattanooga 34-28 N/A 7:00pm Jiminian Here Here Here
Daytona 33-30 N/A 6:30pm Romero Here Here N/A
Dayton 25-39 N/A 7:00pm De Jesus
Here Here Here

20 Responses

  1. MK

    Dragons 8 in a row. Too bad they started this after already eliminated from 1st half playoff spot. No hits for Gordon but his winning streak continues. They have some real speed on the team with Gordon, Ventura, Rey, Bautista, Hernandez and Siani.

    • Stephen Kroptavich

      Any idea why Solomon only threw two innings? He’s from a local college and I am pulling for him. Hope not an injury.

      • Doug Gray

        As of last night there was no word on why he only threw 2 innings. Maybe we will find something out today.

  2. kevinz

    Are the SO High yes they are. Are the Walks Low? Yea they sure are.
    I still would Like to see Siri Hit AAA soon. The clutch stats looks good.
    Bases empty dragging his Numbers Down.
    I would like to see Siri and Aquino with Senzel in the OF in Aug.
    Fun exciting Outfield. While Trammell Develops more since Younger.
    Let Winker battle in LF with Aquino .
    All wishful thinking i know. I Figured with the pitching the Reds have . The Jolt of the Youth Might kick start this team. Might see some Struggles but we have seen that already.

    • Oldtimer

      Siri and Aquino in Reds OF in August? Which year?

      • kevinz

        Both are Probably right. I was thinking outside the Box. I feel Like both started showing the Light coming on around that 24 age.
        Last year Aquino was 24 in AA.
        Which Siri about to turn 24 at the same level. Both showed improvement over 1st season in AA.
        Feel like Both trying Hard to close the Holes in their Games.
        Aquino might be the one with a real shot this year. Control is the issue.
        Aquino i believe a FA after the Season if not put on the Roster.
        Where Siri is Controlled for a Longer period of Time.
        Both have Higher upside then most Older Prospects.
        It Would be Huge to hit with some Intl Talent .

    • Hanawi

      Siri has a .700 OPS in AA to go along with lots of SOs and few walks. He’s a longshot to ever make it to the majors in my opinion. Would have said the same about Aquino until this year, though with the juiced ball in AAA, who knows who can really hit there anymore. Bats have 5 guys with .900+ OPS, and that doesn’t include Schebler or Ervin.

      • kevinz

        Hanawi have you been watching this Era of baseball? More SO then ever. It is what happens when make Contact. The 700 OPS and Climbing not bad for the FSL tough League.
        So Instead of a GB Double play to second Base like Winker, you get a SO or a Pop up which is One out.
        This teams strength is Pitching and Defense Why not ADD to it.
        Let the Younger Guys over throw the cutoff man instead of Older players like Puig etc.

    • Cguy

      I’m with you kevinz. Why not? No way the Reds get back into this division race with the lousy offensive production they’re getting from 3 of the 4 corner slots( Votto, Puig, & Winker).With over 200 PA, Votto has a total of 14 RBI, Winker has 18. Puig has more than those 2 combined, but he’s carrying a .207/.252/.684 statline. Duvall’s statline for the 1st half of 2018? .204/.286/.684, and people were livid about benching him to give more PA to Winker. Who knows if Siri or Aquino could help this team next year, but I see no reason not to find out. If Winker & Puig can’t dramatically increase their production between now & the ASB, time to go to Plan B.

      • kevinz

        I feel the same way CGuy. What could it Hurt? The team as of Now Built on Pitching and Defense. Why not Add 2 guys with Rocket arms with Plus Power.

      • RojoBenjy

        The Reds need a Miles Gordon type spark. Do they have anyone as fearless as the Nationals’ Juan Soto that can come up, not be intimidated, and get after it? If there is such a player, it’s time to take a chance on him.

        I can’t really think of one that qualifies. But I would love to see Ervin in RF or LF every day (or even 3 days a week) wearing a Reds uniform at the very least.

  3. SteveLV

    Now that the international league is using the mlb baseball, but not sure how to think about why ERAs in international league are about 0.6 higher than mlb. Difficult adjustment for pitchers to learn to adapt to smaller seams on ball? Pitching depth is more shallow than hitting depth? Is there a park differential between mlb and international league? Thoughts?

    • Doug Gray

      The international league is fairly neutral when it comes to park factors.

      The baseball is wild.

  4. REdBB

    1-4 with a walk….you could literally write that stat line in every game for India it seems…

  5. MikeD

    I was in Philadelphia Sunday for the game and it looks like Puig can’t catch up to a fastball. I get that the Reds need to to get a little trade value, but at some point they need to move on from him.

    • RojoBenjy

      But…bobble head night.

      But, seriously–a real disappointment that he isn’t performing. I can only think that he is miserable about it as well. It was actually a safe bet for the Reds to go all-in on marketing Puig with bobble heads and t-shirts and youth camps.

      Can only hope for everyone’s sake that he gets it in high gear, like, yesterday.