Well, we are getting this one up late this month, but with the draft last week everything else got pushed a little bit. There was a little bit of video review that needed to happen to cross reference some Trackman data with google maps as a few distances didn’t quite feel right. Some home run distances below are tracked via video review and google maps measurement tool, along with my own adjustments for trajectory. Most of the home run distances are from the Trackman system that’s installed in all of the minor league parks. That info isn’t always available, particularly when the Reds teams are on the road. For reference, the two measurements are usually within 10 feet of each other, and usually closer than that. We tend to go with Trackman unless it’s clear that there was a misread (only 1 this month).

For May, we have distances on 84 home runs. 31 of those home runs went at least 400 feet. The shortest home run of the month was by Phillip Ervin, and it wasn’t even close. He hit one in Durham that went 314 feet. The next shortest home run of the month went 22 feet further. Here’s the list of all the home runs during May that went at least 400 feet:

Date Hitter Distance
5/24/19 Nick Longhi 462
5/29/19 Aristides Aquino 449
5/15/19 Bruce Yari 438
5/22/19 Rob Refsnyder 428
5/13/19 Ibandel Isabel 426
5/25/19 Ibandel Isabel 425
5/10/19 Jonathan India 424
5/19/19 Brian O’Grady 424
5/19/19 Aristides Aquino 424
5/18/19 Nick Longhi 423
5/2/19 Rob Refsnyder 422
5/20/19 Jose Garcia 415
5/23/19 Brian O’Grady 415
5/28/19 Juan Martinez 415
5/3/19 Hendrik Clementina 414
5/4/19 Hendrik Clementina 413
5/6/19 Mariel Bautista 413
5/24/19 Ibandel Isabel 413
5/9/19 Jose Garcia 412
5/16/19 Nick Longhi 411
5/19/19 Jose Garcia 410
5/22/19 Brian O’Grady 407
5/11/19 Rob Refsnyder 406
5/20/19 Ibandel Isabel 406
5/22/19 Chris Okey 404
5/30/19 Phillip Ervin 404
5/18/19 Shard Munroe 403
5/20/19 Stuart Fairchild 403
5/20/19 Hendrik Clementina 402
5/18/19 Brian Rey 400
5/28/19 Ibandel Isabel 400

Four-Hundred and Sixty-Two feet. That’s the top of the leaderboard for May and Nick Longhi’s sitting at the top of it. The baseball he hit on May 24th was just obliterated and left Louisville Slugger Field. To left-center.


A few days later, Longhi’s teammate Aristides Aquino put a charge into one that went 449 feet. It’s the second longest homer of the month, and also the second longest of the year in the farm system.


The 3rd longest home run of the month came from Bruce Yari on May 15th. Unfortunately he plays in the Florida State League where video is tough to come by. But there is video of the blast hit by Rob Refsnyder on May 22nd that went 428 feet.


That’s the end of the home runs that we have video of that went 425+ feet. Ibandel Isabel had two of them, but both of them were hit at home – where Chattanooga is the only team in all of Double-A without MiLBtv.

Top 10 Longest Home Runs of the Year

There were quite a few additions in May to the longest home runs of the year list, and two new ones at the very top. Bruce Yari’s 438-foot blast also jumps onto the list.

Date  Hitter  Distance
5/24/19 Nick Longhi 462
5/29/19 Aristides Aquino 449
4/12/19 Ibandel Isabel 447
4/17/19 Nick Senzel 445
4/24/19 Ibandel Isabel 438
5/15/19 Bruce Yari 438
4/7/19 Brian O’Grady 435
4/16/19 Bren Spillane 434
4/25/19 Gavin LaValley 428
4/29/19 Tyler Stephenson 428

4 Responses

  1. DaveCT

    If Aquino’s didn’t clear the wall, it may have gone through it

    • Doug Gray

      That building on top that it cleared is lucky, too.

  2. Rich H

    The Jim Day interview with Nick Senzel is incredible. Everybody should listen to it. Sorry for throwing other stuff out here Doug, but my gut says you’ll agree and love it.

  3. Big Ed

    In the “one of these things is not like the other” department, Jose Garcia has two booming homers on that list. That is promising for a 21-year-old shortstop in the Florida State League, especially one that is expected to stay at shortstop.

    A lot of good things are going on in the organization. And Rylan Thomas returns soon.