The Cincinnati Reds have announced that they have officially signed a handful of draft picks. The team has officially signed the following players:

  • Ivan Johnson, 2nd baseman, Chipola Junior College (4th round)
  • Graham Ashcraft, Right-handed pitcher, Alabama-Birmingham (6th round)
  • Quin Cotton, Outfielder, Grand Canyon (8th round)
  • T.J. Hopkins, Outfielder, South Carolina (9th round)
  • Tyler Garbee, Right-handed pitcher, Mercyhurst (19th round)
  • Ashton Creal, Outfielder, John A. Logan Junior College (21st round)
  • J.C. Keys, Right-handed pitcher, Southern Mississippi (23rd round)
  • A.J. Bumpass, Outfielder, Cincinnati (39th round)

You can get scouting reports for all of the players listed above right here.

Now, it’s worth noting that these are just the official signings. 3rd rounder Tyler Callihan and 1st rounder Nick Lodolo have both reportedly already agreed to deals with the Reds. And several others have indicated that they plan to sign, too. You can see all of that information on The 2019 Cincinnati Reds Draft Tracker.

Graham Ashcraft, the right-handed pitcher out of the University of Alabama-Birmingham taken in the 6th round has said that he will be heading to Billings, Montana to join the Mustangs. He also noted that he will be in the starting rotation there.

The Reds also announced that they have signed undrafted free agent Andy Fisher. The left-handed pitcher dominated for Illinois during 2019. He started 15 games and posted a 2.57 ERA in 94.2 innings with 35 walks and he had 89 strikeouts. He throws in the upper 80’s and mixes in a change up and a slider. You can see his college stats here.

Nick Senzel on The Jim Day Podcast

The Jim Day Podcast has been an outstanding addition to the Reds media conglomerate this year. If you aren’t listening to them, you are missing out. This week saw Jim Day joined by Nick Senzel and the conversation was outstanding. If you aren’t subscribed, or listening, you can get that done right here. Go listen to it.

The Reds Game the MLB Draft

Craig Edwards of Fangraphs looked back at the draft and he came to the conclusion that the Cincinnati Reds (and New York Mets) were able to “game the draft” best by utilizing the overslot draft picks mixed in with under slot senior picks in the top 10. Much of this revolves around their selection of Tyler Callihan in the 3rd round. Obviously, he’s got to sign – though, while not official, it’s been reported that a deal is agreed upon by the two sides.

6 Responses

    • RojoBenjy

      This is a fun time of year!

      Thanks for posting this.

  1. Michael E

    Love the aggressive signings. I know first year players are babied (due to spring workloads and not used to playing every day for 5 months), but I hope some of these guys get right in there and get 10-15 starts in 2019 or 150-200 ABs.

    I hope changes in philosophy, the extra $$$ the Reds spent the last few years on Minor League intangibles, mean we actually see some accelerated promotions AND good performances (not promoting just to promote of course).

    It would be nice to see a couple of college players from this draft with the MLB club by or before 2021.

  2. MK

    Interesting on the Lookouts broadcast Nick Senzel’s high school coach was on, his ’19 team won a state championship, but he said new draftee Patrick Raby also went to that high school and that Raby became the all time career Wins leader at Vanderbilt. He was running with some “high cotton” there.

  3. kevinz

    Glad getting Picks all wrapped up. Hope turns out like how it looks on Paper.
    Hope Next Draft as good as they are saying. Could be a epic draft.
    Here to the best scouting the Reds have done.
    As they say Next year is Next but hyped for it.