In a somewhat rare event, the Louisville Bats and Charlotte Knights played a day/night double-header. That was just fine for Aristides Aquino, who has been crushing the baseball for Louisville all year long with the lone exception of the month that he spent on the injured list with a shoulder injury. In the first game of the day, Aquino went deep twice, including one home run that hit off of the bottom of the scoreboard.

In the second game he would add another home run on the day and it was absolutely destroyed. Earlier in the game he added a double, giving him four extra-base hits on the day. By the end of the day, the 25-year-old outfielder was hitting .335/.391/.683 with 8 doubles, a triple, and 16 home runs in just 45 games played. His third homer of the day went 449 feet. Take a look at the video below to see just how far that thing went before striking the batters eye in center field.


Daytona gets no-hit on Saturday night

The Daytona Tortugas were no-hit on Saturday. Clearwater starter Kyle Glogoski kept the Tortugas hitless for the first five innings of the game. Tyler Carr kept them hitless for the next three innings. Reliever Keylan Killgore came out of the final frame of the inning and completed the no-hitter on 11 pitches.

Scooter Gennett went 0-4 with 2 strikeouts in the game. The rehabbing second baseman is now 2-14 with Daytona over his four games played with 1 walk and 3 strikeouts.

New Reds Signings

On Saturday the Cincinnati Reds made three minor league signings. The big one was signing 12th round pick Yan Contreras. But the team also made two different undrafted free agent signings. They picked up Jake Gilbert from Air Force and Jacques Pucheu from Austin Peay.

Jacques Pucheu is a left-handed pitcher who posted a 2.53 ERA in 13 starts in his senior season in 2019. He threw 81.2 innings, allowed 55 hits, walked 32 batters, and struck out 91. Jake Gilbert is a right-handed pitcher who posted a 2.55 ERA at Air Force as a senior in 10 starts and 5 relief appearances over 67.0 innings. with 23 walks and 53 strikeouts.

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  1. Red BB

    How the hell is he not on anyone’s top prospect list?? Do results even matter anymore??

  2. Matthew O'Neal

    As far as draft signings go, should we expect Cameron Warren to sign soon now that the Red Raiders have been eliminated from the CWS?

  3. Tom W

    I was at the Daytona game last night. A few observations:
    – Scooter’s timing is still way off
    – Bautista needs a change up
    – Garcia looks great at SS. Very smooth, looks like a natural
    – smoked a few balls but mostly weak contact (they were no hit)
    – Phillies pitchers used change of speed and location to offset Reds hitters
    – team seemed to be going thru the motions. No enthusiasm.

  4. kevinz

    Happy for Aquino seems like a Happy Joyful guy. Hope turns out like Nelson Cruz like.
    I know wishful thinking but love seeing Good People Succeed. I wanna see that smile in the Bigs.
    I though was interesting he Played CF last night.

    • RojoBenjy

      With that boyish face it’s easy to forget he’s 6’4” since I don’t ever see him play.

      It would be so nice if he continues to develop into something special (from a baseball perspective).

  5. SteveLV

    Is this Aquino figuring it out, or is it just an extended hot streak? Pretty tantalizing to have someone with his tools go on a run like this, but quite a bit better than any year he’s ever had at any level. Outside of trading Puig, I’m not sure how the Reds get him in the lineup, but if he performs for another month, I’d sure like to see them give him a shot.

    • Doug Gray

      It’s probably a little bit of both. He’s made some changes, and I do think he’s a better hitter than he was last year. The baseball difference is probably playing into things a little bit, too.

      BABIP of .364 is high, but given that he’s also hitting .335, there’s plenty of room for that to normalize some and still be having a heck of a season.

      There are still times where he gets himself out. But he’s been crushing strikes all season long.

      • Simon Cowell

        you mean the mlb baseball Doug? why is that having such an impAct? was last year’s baseball that Bad?

      • Doug Gray

        Yes, the MLB baseball was this bad. They just didn’t use it in Triple-A last year.

        The baseball has some issue that is causing less drag than the previous baseball, which is helping it fly further. Just how much, I don’t know.

    • kevinz

      I will go out on a Limb and say the changes that Both Vanmeter and Aquino made is Real.
      Aquino started to show up more in second go around in AA.
      Both players to me with the work ethic and the willingness to change will go a Long way.
      AAA is boosting the Numbers for Both but love to see Both made stance swing changes as well.

  6. Simon Cowell

    With Wood and Gannett edging closer to return it makes one wonder if the Reds are preparing for a trade. Disco was lit up in the third and none has to think each time he goes out there it’s an audition for him or Wood. Gannett is going to be more difficult as someone will lose playing time Peraza and Dietrich are going to lose at bats but I’m guessing it is Farmer that gets sent down.

    • RojoBenjy

      Hoping for Peraza to get the bus ride to Louisville myself.

    • Wes

      I think reds should move disco to pen when wood is ready vs sending mahle down. If he would have went 1 Inning today it would be for 3ks against 3 very good hitters. Still got a few weeks before you have to make a decision though.

      Everyone else will just have to make room when scooter is ready. He will mostly take farmers spot. He needs to stay down til his timing is right though

  7. Curt

    Does O’Grady play any other position than 1st? Thx

    • DaveCT

      OF. Has play all three positions in minors, but prob not more than stopgap in CZf. Though if Winker can be run out there, who knows.

  8. The Duke

    I’d love to see Aquino get a shot, but I don’t see how that happens while Puig is still on the team.

  9. The Duke

    Yan Contreras was in MLB Pipeline’s top 200 draft prospects, coming in at 170. We couldn’t have given him much money since i’m sure we didn’t go over the 5% over our draft pool to where we lose picks. I guess stating off in pro ball with 6 figures was more appealing that heading to San Jacinto JC.

    “Scouts flock to the Excellence Tournament in Puerto Rico every year to get the chance to see the top talent the island has to offer prior to the Draft. Contreras, a middle infielder with some present hitting skills, was the only player to hit homer in this year’s event.
    Big and strong, Contreras has more present strength than some of his fellow Puerto Rican infielders in the class. When he keeps his swing under control, he can drive the ball. He has serious raw power, especially to the pull side, but has the tendency to lose his mechanics and get out of control trying to show off that power. A solid runner when underway, there is some question over whether he has the range to stick at shortstop, though most teams would send him out at the spot and see if he can stick there. He has a plus arm and good enough hands for the position.
    If Contreras does slow down as he matures, he still has a future on the dirt, perhaps as an offensive second baseman. Some scouts think he’ll hit enough to profile at third base, reminding some of an Asdrubal Cabrera type. He’ll head to San Jacinto Junior College if the Draft doesn’t work out for him.”

    • RojoBenjy

      The new faces in the scouting department seem to be making inroads into Puerto Rico.

      Is there a good story there?

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t think this is really a new thing. Every few years the Reds will draft multiple kids out of the PR Baseball Academy.

      • The Duke

        I like getting multiple players out of the academy in a single draft though. Gives each guy some familiarity and a built in support system to adjusting to life in pro ball. Ideally they are friends already, but I don’t think you can assume every guy there is friends with every one else.

      • Doug Gray

        They are. I read an article the day after the draft where one of them said that they were looking forward to all playing together.

  10. Martino Amello

    I get the pessimism about Aquino and the big leagues, but holy cow it’d be grand the see the Reds finally develop a solid outfielder who can actually hit close to .350 and knock a bunch over the fences for a season or so. Heck, a full career like that would be even better and darnit! I am old enough now that I’m fully allowed to dream as much as I want…even fantasize a bit here and there.