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The Louisville Bats are on the All-Star Break

The Chattanooga Lookouts lost 7-5. Box Score

The Daytona Tortugas won 2-1. Box Score

The Dayton Dragons had the night off.

The Billings Mustangs had the night off.

The Mustangs series beginning Wednesday night will be on MiLB.tv if you have a subscription over there.

The Greeneville Reds had the night off.

The AZL Reds had the night off.

7/10 Game Preview

Team 1st half 2nd half Time (ET) Probable Box Score Listen Live Watch Live
Louisville 33-56 N/A All-Star Break Here Here Here
Chattanooga 36-33 8-12 OFF OFF Here Here Here
Daytona 35-30 9-13 12:00pm Sceroler Here Here N/A
Dayton 28-42 7-11 7:00pm Salazar
Here Here Here
Billings 9-14 N/A 8:40pm McGregor
Here Here Here
Greeneville 7-13 N/A 6:30pm Salvador
Here Here N/A
AZL Reds 7-11 N/A OFF OFF
Here N/A N/A

16 Responses

  1. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    Doug, considering his age (and of course other factors) do you think Fairchild (to stay) should be in AA right now? Obviously Trammell is the superior prospect, but who do you think SHOULD and/or WILL see their major league debut first between the two?

  2. RedBB

    India 1-4 with a Walk! What are the Odds??? Groundhog day every day with him…

  3. John C.

    The Reds need to fish or cut bait with Nay. He has been amazing since the first month when he only had 17 ABs. He will be a free agent after this year and they need to see him at the next level. There isn’t a great deal of room there but I think we are seeing fools gold with some of the triple A guys that haven’t really hit before. They need to make some kind of room.

    • Wes

      Reds have plenty of room on 40 man if they deem him worthy to keep all they have to do is add him. I say put best team you can on field in AA everyday and push hard for post season

    • MK

      In many organizations the best talent is in AA. The next level are guys on their way down or who have succeeded at the AA levek but have no place to move up to. Nay is probably getting a better more challenging experience where he is than by moving to AAA

  4. Cbus

    That’s some brutal W/L records across the board. When does it become a concern that your minor league system is ranked pretty good nationally but does not win games?

    • Tom

      I don’t know.

      But when in the 17th season since 2002 the Reds have only 2 winning seasons in the minors, it gets old.

      While the edict is always to produce talent for Cincinnati, that does not preclude winning in the minors. If the Reds org is 2-15 since 2002, then some other team must be perennially great. I don’t know who because I don’t follow that close, but I know the Astros have had winning seasons in the minors every single year starting in 2012.

      So, apparently, the minors do not need to play martyr to the majors in order to have success. And nothing about these results seem completely random. In other words, it doesn’t seem likely that the Reds are going to rip off a 15-2 stretch the next 17 years just because of luck balancing out.

  5. Nash

    Ibandel Isabel has been consistent with his slugging. Doug, do you plan on doing a update about his recent performance? And what would you say his floor/celling is?

    • Doug Gray

      I’ll probably mention his recent performance that I keep talking about in the Patreon emails, but his floor is what you’re seeing now: A guy who struggles mightily to make contact in Double-A, but when he does, he hits the ball 425 feet with regularity. Ceiling: if you squint hard enough, Joey Gallo. Mind you, that’s not a realistic “expected” ceiling. But if every thing goes just right and perfect, that’s probably the ceiling.

      • Nash

        Thanks Doug, like you said the key is for him to walk a lot more and play stellar defense like Joey to live up to his tremendous celling.

  6. jbonireland

    Doug, Alfredo Rodriquez is finally hitting it AA. I assume he continues to play good defense. I know you have been down on him as a lightweight hitter with no power. Are you seeing anything now that would make you think he could be the major league SS in another year?

    • wes

      This is how I look at it- by adding player X does it add too or take away from current big league club? With Iglesias and Peraza in front of him- where does he fit in? In Alfrod’s case- all he has to offer this team right now is defense. He’s inferior on the basepaths to Peraza and inferior to both with a bat in his hand. And he’s older than peraza. He would be a massive step in the wrong direction if they put him on team over iglesias.

      Same thing with Sims- how big of backward step is it to replace Roark with Sims? Imo, a pretty big one. That leaves him as the 7/8 starter to big league club with no where to go but the bullpen or be released next year when he’s out of options. Unless of course reds can’t retain either wood or roark and dont plan to bring someone else in.

      Shame for what it is, but MLB has WAY to much talent right now and a lot of these minor leaguers we been following for years will never get a chance to play. Look at the reds AAA and AA rosters- both loaded, but their records are not impressive which means every franchise has loaded minor league teams. And the greedy owners play it all to their advantage. MLB salaries compared to what NBA just spent this off season shows what a complete incompetent group of boobs the players union are….

      • MK

        The scouting report on Iglesias coming out of Cuba was the same as Alf-Rod. Jose’s third year in AAA he hit .202. and the Red Sox and Tigers eventually gave up on him but I bet especially the Tigers are now sorry they did.

      • Doug Gray

        Here’s the scouting report from Baseball America about his offense from after the 2009 season:

        He has a short swing and makes consistent contact. Though he’s small, he has bat speed and pop and could become a 10-homer hitter down the road. Add in his slightly above-average speed, and he draws comparisons to a young Orlando Cabrera–with a better glove. He has the upside of a No. 2 hitter, but Iglesias’ aggressive nature at the plate makes it more likely that he’ll hit in the bottom third of the order. Much of his offensive value may come from his batting average because he doesn’t project to contribute a lot of power, steals or walks.

        Here’s what they wrote about Alfredo Rodriguez after his signing:

        Rodriguez also is a plus runner, but at the plate he showed no power and no plate discipline in Cuba. The Reds see a line-drive swing with gap power, but scouts from other teams see a Rey Ordonez-style, bottom-of-the-order hitter with bottom-of-the-scale power.

        Those are two rather different scouting reports. One says “has a chance to hit, but without much power”, while the other one says “well, he’s a good defender”.

  7. MK

    Wonder where they will send Wood for his next rehab start. I would think that would be tomorrow but Louisville is off.