Today is the final day that 2019 Major League Baseball draft picks can sign, unless they are college seniors. The Cincinnati Reds have signed 31 of their 40 draft picks so far, which is slightly higher than normal by a few players.

Here’s the list of players that the team has not signed:

  • 13th rounder Luke Berryhill – Catcher – South Carolina
  • 18th rounder Jason Ruffcorn – RHP – Oklahoma
  • 20th rounder Jose Rodriguez – RHP – Cumberland County JC
  • 28th rounder Mike Miles – RHP – Cumberland County JC
  • 30th rounder Ryan Leitch – Catcher – Sinclair Secondary School (HS)
  • 33rd rounder Trey Clarkson – LHP – Mesquite High School
  • 34th rounder Jason Hodges – OF – Marist High School
  • 38th rounder Maxwell Romero – C – Pembroke Pines High School
  • 40th rounder Matt McCormick – St. Laurence High School

There’s a good mix of high schoolers and college players in there. Any of these players can sign for up to $125,000 before any overage counts towards the “draft pool”. The Cincinnati Reds are currently $452,800 over their current pool. That means that they will pay an overage tax of 75% on that total.

The Reds are close to the next penalty for their overage, which would be giving up their first round pick next year, which isn’t a penalty they’ll be taking on. They have just under $30,000 remaining in their “pool” before reaching that penalty threshold. So, in theory at least, they could offer that much on top of $125,000 to any of these players to sign.

It seems unlikely that any of these players will sign, though. Several of them have publicly stated that they are going (back) to school (Romero, Berryhill, Ruffcorn). And at this point, it’s not like the Reds or the players have much room for negotiations. They know what it’s going to take, and they know how much money the team has to offer. Given that there are 6 hours remaining to get a deal done as I type this, it just doesn’t seem like it’s going to be in the cards. Things change, though, and I guess we will find out later today.

You can see who all has signed, along with finding scouting reports and signing bonus information at The Cincinnati Reds 2019 Draft Tracker page.


11 Responses

  1. Bromleyjake

    No one else may care about this, but Tony Pike was on the radio naming draft busts for the Reds and Bengals over the last decade.
    He stated that Grandal was the Reds biggest bust in the last 10 years. Um… Travieso, Howard? Isn’t Grandal a former All star?
    Then he said that Ervin is less of a bust than Grandal because he is “doing some things.”
    I’m sorry, but I’m what universe is Yasmani the most disappointing 1st rounder for the Reds? I can’t stand that this guy gets an hour a day to talk baseball or any other subject he knows little about.
    Rant over.

    • MK

      Probably the disappointing part is trading him rather than Mez in the Latos deal.

      To me if any more are going to sign it would be Rodriguez. He is a community college kid who will need to move on next year.

    • Norwood Nate

      Howard would get my vote. Travieso was moving through the system until injury, Howard stalled before even starting.

      Saying Grandal is a bust is just stupid talk.

    • mike

      Total agreement .. The local sports radio
      “expert” here in Louisville stated the Reds were going to play the Colorado Avalanche to start the second half of the season …. please

  2. Michael Smith

    I like Tony but milb is not his strong suit. Howard is a true bust. You cant predict arm injuries for pitchers.

    Same with Meso and Grandal. If Meso’s body does not fall apart he was on one hell of track. Grandal did not really step it up until his late 20’s and after he was out of San Diego.

  3. RedsKoolAidDrinker

    Berryhill agreed to terms. Did he sign?

  4. CP

    Seems to me the Reds did a pretty good job of signing picks this year. Great job getting one more catcher added to the mix last minute. You needs lots of those for a minor league system and you never know which one’s will develop.