Tony Santillan had just returned from the injured list, where it was noted he had a shoulder injury, just last week. He only missed one start, but struggled in his first start back. He walked four batters without a strikeout in 2.0 innings. He didn’t return for the 3rd inning after throwing 50 pitches over the first two frames.

Last night things were going better for the right-handed pitcher. He had thrown 3.0 hitless innings, walked just one batter, and he racked up four strikeouts. But on his second to last warm up pitch he seemed to feel something in his arm. After the pitch he kind of bent his arm at the elbow and raised his hand up towards his upper body. It looked a little weird, but had you not known what was going to happen 15 seconds later you probably would have written it off. But 15 seconds later he threw his final warm up pitch and then he signaled to the dugout. That’s when the trainer and manager came out, and the conversation was very short. Pat Kelly called for a reliever to start warming up, and Tony Santillan walked off with the trainer and directly to the clubhouse.

As of this time there is no update available beyond that. If and when one becomes available I will be sure to post about it.

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  1. Norwood Nate

    Hope it’s more precautionary than anything else. It’s had to have been a frustrating season for him to have performance and injury setbacks just as he was primed to put himself in a position to help the big league club in the near future. Hoping he gets it sorted out and comes back strong.

  2. Brandon

    last thing you want to see is a shoulder injury in a young picture…Hopefully it is nothing serious

  3. Bromleyjake

    Stories like this and Hunter Greene’s make it seem imperative to me that the Reds become aggressive in acquiring a front line starter. It’s nice to dream on the arms of Santillan and a Green, and injuries can happen to Ace pitchers too, but there is no substitute for proven track records in the Bigs. Every injury to a young pitcher makes it a little less likely they will ever reach their potential in the Majors. With all the freed up salary coming this offseason it would be nice to see the Reds make a legit run at Cole or Sale. Some guys might be unobtainable either through free agency or trade, but a guy like Stroman has a high ceiling and has already performed at a high level for his Big Leauge team.
    Obviously I Hope Santillan bounces back.

    • Norwood Nate

      It’s not just Greene and Santillan this year. Look back at Doug’s top 10 lists of recent years and you’ll see a lot of our current bullpen options. Names like Stephenson, Reed, Garrett, Lorenzen, Romano, even Iglesias. Only Castillo, Disco, and Mahle were top 10 pitchers over the past five seasons or so who have stuck in the rotation. And Disco and Castillo were barely in our minor league system (both less than a season IIRC).

      All of that recent development track record combined with the year our top pitchers are having makes it even more obvious the Reds need to buy/trade for established ML pitching.

      • Norwood Nate

        More like Sonny Gray and Tanner Roark. Or Disco who’d had some majors experience before joining the Reds. Would love to see Wood get healthy because I believe he could help out the staff if he were.

  4. Wes

    Santillan is just fine. Same as trammell. If these guys were gonna crush double AA then they would both be in Cincy instead.

    • Tony Cloninger

      Do you even make sense to yourself when you write down what you think.