The Cincinnati Reds have made several trades in the last 24 hours. On the big league roster they added starting pitcher Trevor Bauer, but they also traded away starting pitcher Tanner Roark, outfielder Yasiel Puig, and second baseman Scooter Gennett. That leaves them with an open spot on the 25-man roster, as well as on their 40-man roster. That spot very well could be filled by outfielder Aristides Aquino. He is currently in Triple-A with the Louisville Bats. They are in Columbus for a series right now, and Aquino was originally in the starting lineup. But just before game time he was replaced in the lineup.

In 2018, Aristides Aquino had a down season. After the year was over the Reds removed the then 24-year-old from the 40-man roster. He cleared waivers and became a free agent. His free agency, though, lasted a matter of minutes as he re-signed with Cincinnati that same day.

To say that his 2019 season has put him back on the prospect map would be an understatement. The now 25-year-old right fielder has hit .299/.356/.636 through 78 games for the Louisville Bats. He’s hit 13 doubles, a triple, and 28 home runs on the season. In his 323 plate appearances he has 23 walks and 81 strikeouts. You’d like to see the walks a little bit higher, and the strikeouts a little bit lower – but if the rates can stay there, and the power is there, they’ll both play.

There’s plenty of guys hitting much better in Triple-A this year than they’ve ever hit before. Aristides Aquino is among the group. But while most guys are hitting better than ever before with the Major League baseball, most guys aren’t doing anything like what Aquino’s been doing this year. And it’s also not like the same exact baseball isn’t being used across Major League Baseball.

If Aristides Aquino is being call up to Cincinnati it will be interesting to see how he’s going to be used. Defensively, he’s clearly the best option for right field among anyone on the team. He’s got a plus arm to work with, and while his range isn’t great, he’s a solid defender beyond the arm. But will be just slide into right field as a starter? Or will he be mixed-and-matched in the corners with Jesse Winker and Phillip Ervin? Or is it possible that he simply spends most of his time as the 25th man on the roster and gets some pinch hitting chances and very few chances in the field for now?

Right now, this is all just plenty of speculation on my part. With Louisville on the road it’s a lot harder to get information on these kinds of things than if they are at home and people can talk to people. But where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. And with the roster moves today, there’s plenty of smoke here.

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  1. Gaffer

    The smoke is coming out of my ears after this truely terrible trade deadline.

    • Mike

      Some of You would’ve complained if we hadn’t gotten Trout, with Angels eating his contract

    • Hate Stupid Fans

      Thought they did well, other than Trammell which hurts a bit. You get a great top of rotation starter. And I lose a lot of respect when you can’t spell a simple word like truly

      • Martino

        Well, you know most people don’t have spell checkers for those tough to spell words like truly..
        Yours Truely.. ;)

      • Wes

        It’s a fan message board not a 3rd grade spelling test. Get over yourself spelling police- find something more significant to care about

      • Doc

        Although they did get a ranked CF prospect who has actually been playing CF, unlike Trammell.

      • Shawn

        does correcting other people’s spelling make you feel smart?

    • Jim t

      Your comment indicates that the smoke is being inhaled by you from a bong not coming it of your ears.

    • Oldtimer

      Reds traded three (five really) players who would not have been Reds in 2020 for one player who will.

      Puig, Roark, and Gennett are FA in 2020. Trammell and Moss are MiLB in 2020. Trevor Bauer is a Red in 2020.

      • Gaffer

        This team is no better but now has no more high end prospect chips. Wouldn’t you rather have Josiah gray, Jeter downs and Trammell? Or maybe you trade Puig for a good young pitcher? Rooting for this team for forty years gives some perspective. No one will care about a typo when this team is not making the playoffs for the next decade. For once, Doug might actually agree with me.

      • Oldtimer

        I’ve rooted for Reds since 1950s.

        No, I like the trade for Trevor Bauer.

        In my lifetime (born 1951), Reds have made postseason 12 times.

        Reds did not make postseason in 1950s, 1980s, or 2000’s. Those are decades without playoffs.

      • DHud

        How are the Reds not better in 2020?

        If you’re that delusional then of course you’re going to be mad about everything

  2. Mike

    Winker/Ervin platoon in lf
    Senzel in cf
    Aquino in rf
    Van Meter at 2b

    We aren’t making the playoffs this year…so Let the kids play and see what we have or don’t have so we can make informed decisions this off season. I don’t want to give up prospects for a player or overpay for a FA if we have inhouse solutions.

    • Bill

      Exactly … and if Aquino hasn’t earned the playing time, I’m not sure what else he could have done.

    • Rob

      You are probably right on this year’s playoff chances. But at some point we need to have the prospects produce and win the division. Unfortunately our prospects haven’t really produced beyond 4th or 5th starters or relief pitchers or part time starters. Yeah there has been exceptions but we really haven’t had an Acuna, Buehler, Bryant, etc. And our current top prospects are 2021 arrivals at best. So to the credit of the organization we have mixed in a few free agents and trades, and with some success. And we have some money to fortify a couple of positions this winter. Now we have to spend it but I am supportive of the trend.

  3. docproc

    Hope Aquino is in RF tomorrow night against the Braves. Perfect Puig replacement: Power bat, power arm. But .999 OPS instead of .777.

    • Oldtimer

      Aquino OPS in AAA is hardly comparable to an OPS in MLB.

  4. Norwood Nate

    He’s certainly earned his opportunity. I hope he gets a good look the rest of the year.

  5. Martino

    I hope the kid does much better than most of us hope he does. It’s a big step for any of them jumping to the bigs from AAA.
    Maybe it’s the way he seems to stare straight at pitchers before squaring up to hit, but it’s a bit unique.

  6. Gilbert Keith Chesterton

    “He’s hit 13 home runs, a triple, and 28 home runs on the season.”

    If my math is right, that means Aquino has hit 41 home runs this year.
    That’s quite a pile of HR’s in just over 1/2 a season.

      • Seat101

        Almost a Michelin! Even allowing for inflammation from AAA…

  7. Wes

    He’s going to get a ton of playing time over the rest of the season! Can’t wait to see him out there

  8. cinvenfan

    My take on today’s moves:

    I think they overpaid in the Bauer trade, but now they have a very good rotation settled for next season and perhaps more if they work an extension for Bauer. I’d offer Wood a QO, no doubt. If he stays – even at a high salary- good. A short-term extension would be ok too. The rotation is the hardest part to assemble in any team and they are definitely very well positioned.

    They have lots of money freed right now to work with. That allows them the aforementioned extensions (even for guys like Castillo). But also getting some more offense. I’d upgrade SS and C. And the OF if the kids fail.

    Nice to have the chance to take a long look at JVM, Ervin, Winker, Aquino. Perhaps even Siri.

    A long look at some ‘pen pieces to help Iglesias, Lorenzen, Garret.

    Not a bad situation at this stage.

    • Gaffer

      Bauer will never sign a long term deal, he has said that dozens of times.

      • Pete

        People say a lot of things and a lot of things they say, they change their minds. Too early to tell right now. Give it a chance, the team is far better today than yesterday. Trammell isn’t going to be a big-time star. Bauer has ranked 11, 4, 12 in xFIP for American League starting pitchers from 2017-2019. There are 15 American League teams each having 5 starters – you can do the math. He’s very, very good.

      • Colorado Red

        I agree, and would have loved the deal, if we 2 years of control.
        The concern is we gave up a lot for 1 year of control.
        Also, the best comp we will get after a QO is a 2nd round pick, if he only signs a 1 year contract.

      • Pete

        I see were your coming from, this is how we can judge the trade short- term: at what level does Bauer produce and most importantly how well will the Reds do? Longer term we can compare Trammell and Puig’s production.

        I think Bob C. told the FO people he wants a winner, not a winning record but a serious contender for a WS title. The FO probably did the best they could, obviously I’m happy but I can understand those with hesitations.

        Elite is an subjective definer, I think Bauer is elite but my standard may be broader than most. He has a prickly personality and I understand this turns many people off. But I put almost all my eggs in the production basket and nearly zero in personality traits and quirks.

    • A.B.

      I think the Siri ship may have sailed barring a renaissance season next year like Aquino just had.

  9. kevinz

    Hope he does get the Call. start him out just vs LHP get him going confidence up at first. He has seen the highs and the Lows alot of AB in MILB he earned it.
    Once upon a time he was Ranked Highly in the system.

  10. Greenfield Red

    Off topic.

    I’m the last guy to want to talk about the Yankees. However, I’m shocked they did nothing at the deadline. I think they are not the favorites to win the Series now. The Yankees losing makes me smile.

    • Wes

      I was surprised by that and the lack of moves in general. When mlb re did the deadline they should have moved it to 8/15. They added a playoff team which adds more teams to contention so extend the trade deadline accordingly.

      I was also surprised by lack of starting pitching moved. Usually you see a few more starters on the move at the deadline. Guess no one was willing to give away their prospects

    • RojoBenjy

      Yankees need pitching in the worst way. So that is surprising.

  11. Franklin Hall

    A few years ago, Aristedes had 26 outfield assists. The best Major League outfielders usually average about 12 – 13. I knew then that he would be on the Major League roster in a few years. He has been a late-season or temporary call-up a couple of times, but his hitting wasn’t ready. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised to hear his power numbers this season. It looks like he is ready. I am happy he will get the chance. You Go, Aristedes. I’m pulling for you!

  12. Colorado Red

    QQ Doug,
    If they trade Scooter, Puig, and Tanner, and picked up Trevor, would that not leave 2 spots (3 – 1) on the roster, not just 1?
    Maybe I missed something

    • Oldtimer

      Hernandez took one coming of IL. Bauer takes another. One left for Aquino.

  13. Hoyce

    I like the moves the reds made. Very interested in the PTBNL in Gennett trade
    Would have liked to seen the reds offer to flip Bauer along w r Iglesias and Barnhart for lux, Mays and will Smith. Not sure if that would be fair. But dodgers have a few holes and that would fill them and help the reds tremendously next year
    But I like the moves overall because I want to see the younger guys play (Vanmeter, Aquino and would love to see nay called up soon)

    • Shawn

      The only problem with Nay is , he only plays 1st and 3rd. We have a couple pretty good players blocking him. Not much versatility for a utility player.

      • Hoyce

        I assume u mean votto as good….well not this yr he is tied for 18th outta 21(qualified) in OPS in mlb. Only 2 players worse. Pujols and miggy (see a trend here?)
        Offers next to nothing on defense and is terrible running bases. Not the vottomatic of old.

  14. Franklin Hall

    There are several others who the Reds’ will have to find room for in the next couple of years. Hunter Greene, Jonathan India, Grady, and a relief pitcher I just heard about yesterday. Oh, and I expect Lodolo will be a second half call-up next year.

  15. Rob

    I am not sure of the math that the addition of Bauer and loss of Puig, Gennett, and Roark improves the 2019 team. I will buy that it is economically efficient, offers young guys playing time, and sets us up for 2020. Too, I am not sure I would have moved Scooter at all. He could light up the last 2 months and we know what Peraza and Dietrich being to the table. Was what we got in return worth it?

  16. Jim Delaney

    With 56 games remaining will be very interesting to see how the Reds finish. Clearly ownership wants to contend in 2020, and by certain metrix its clear the Reds could contend in 2020.
    With now rotation of Bauer, Castillo, Gray, Wood and DeSclafani, watching the handling of the bullpen and performance of the bullpen will be under a microscope. The Pen was very good through May but was overworked. In June and July the pen struggled because of injuries, overwork, manager decisions and lack of innings from starters.
    Reds manager and coaching staff have to show they can do better in close games. The Reds have been horrible in one run games, Bell has to show he can be better in close games. He has shown to be very immature, wound too tight and has no feel for making right decisions or calls late in games. There is no excuse for a rookie manager to be ejected 8 times in 105 games. He is going to be suspended for I believe a 3rd time. Bell’s performance over next 56 games has to be under close.scrutiny. if he doesnt show improvement Reds ownership needs to be willing to pull plug and hire an experienced manager.
    Reds to make playoffs next season will be due to pitching and winning close games is paramount.
    From an offensive standpoint. Reds have to acquire a legit cleanup hitter to protect Suarez. Need to be creative and look at all options. If ownership wants to sell tickets, they need to be bold. I would be talking to Yankees now about Giancarlo Stanton, Yankees likely want to move his salary. Stanton is a hitter worth taking risk on. His power will play big time in Great American Small park! If not Stanton, need to zero in on a legit offensive force to add to lineup.
    A lot to follow next 56 games.

    • Oldtimer

      I wouldn’t bet on much but I will bet you any amount of $ that Giancarlo Stanton will not be traded to the Reds from the Yankees. NYY has plenty of $ to pay their players.

  17. victor vollhardt

    Love “OLDTIMER’s comments and memories and he keeps up with all the details. He says he was born in 1951—my guess(maybe) he remembers 1956 and really remembers 1961.He knows his Reds and baseball history and shows it in every post.I have a few years on him and love the game and the Reds, but some times it is very difficult to watch today;s game and players and the thinking (at all levels) that goes along with it.

    • Oldtimer

      Thank you. Yep 1956 team is the first one I really remember at all. We had season tickets in 1961. Sat next to Pirates manager Danny Murtagh behind Reds dugout for the three WS games in Crosley Field. Dad went to all three; Mom, my brother, and myself went to one each.

      The business of the game of baseball has changed but the game hasn’t really changed. Liked it then. Like it now.

      • Jim t

        I was born in 53. My Dad worked the midnight turn at the post office on Dalton ave. Saw many games at Crosely Field. Including the series in 61. Sat in the sun deck many a opening day.

        Get a chuckle out of all the angst over pitchers throwing at hitters. Bob Gibson used to hit Frank Robinson once a game it seemed. Bob apparently thought he owned the inside part of the plate.

  18. Jim Delaney

    Yankees payroll is near luxury tax window, they have young players like Judge they will need to start paying big money. Also, Yankees will likely be a player this free agency for starting pit hing like Gerritt Cole. They acquired Stanton because Marlins ownership wanted to deal him and Stanton used his limited no trade clause to get to Yankees. Agree Yankees always willing to have huge payroll but they have shown they dont eant ro be in luxury tax jail. Due to this and abundance of offensive talent and need to sign a big time starter I mention Stanton might be available. This may not be true and I believe Stanton still has some no trade inclusions in his deal.
    Stanton is just one guy, Reds front office needs to look at all options to bring in a big time impact bat for 2020. A legit 4 hitter is now by far the biggest need for this team to make run at playoffs in 2020.

  19. MK

    I was in Columbus tonight and it was the general opinion he got pulled to go up. He was not in the dugout at any point tonight.and he certainly had the opportunity to be there as it went extra innings.

  20. kevinz

    My guess is Dubon being the player for scooter. Guessing since made trade with brewers to get Dubon the Reds have wait to receive him. Kinda weird guess lol

    • A.B.

      I’d be absolutely shocked if they could get Dubon for Scooter.

  21. William Kubas

    First statement…..I am an Alex Blandino fan (the only reason I follow the Louisville Bats or the Cincinnati Reds)

    With the Gennett trade, the realization of an open spot on the 25 man roster is now a reality. I agree the Aquino is the correct call up but Blandino has been playing well and even hitting a bit. Blandino’s 9 errors is disturbing.

    Outsider….I was born in 1951 also. I do not have the great accumulation of Reds’ fandom as you ( been a fan since 2009 when the Reds drafted former Arizona State SUNDEVIL Mike Leake who I saw pitch 4 times live).

    As always:



    • Oldtimer

      I go to an ASU baseball game every year when I spend a week at Reds ST. The ASU baseball experience is second to none. Great ballpark (Phoenix Municipal Stadium, ex ST home of SFG) and great fans. Usually very good level of play also.

    • RojoBenjy

      So you have to be thrilled with Leake to the Diamondbacks!

  22. John

    The Reds won’t win again until we get rid of Joey Votto. It’s about time he scrapped the choking up on the bat. I was going to buy him one of those little souvenir bats they sell at the games so he didn’t have to choke up so much. He turned himself right into a slap hitter with no power whatsoever. I hope he regains the power and starts to look like a corner infielder. He is not even in the top 10 of first basemen in the NL let alone league wide. Totally disappointed in him and the money he is making to put up paltry numbers like he does. And BTW, I don’t care about his OBP%, he is paid to hit Homers and drive in Runs!

    • Franklin Hall

      If you have been watching for the last 10 days or so, you have gotten your wish. He has dropped his haNDS DOWN toTHE BOTTOM OF THE BAT and his power has returned. In an intefrview with the Cincinnati Enquirer he admitted the adjustments he was trying to make, just didn’t get the job done. He said he was wrong and now he is going back to 2016 – 2017 stance. It seems to be working so far. At least it’s better than it was. It was so bad to me that I even hated to watch his atbats.

      • John


        Yes I have been watching. I am a lifelong Reds fan from NJ. I felt the same thing when I saw him come to bat. It was hard to watch. We need those 35 Hr and 125 RBI’s from him.

  23. Redsvol

    I would love to see some of these AAA mashers like Aquino succeed but I’m a little skeptical on Aquino’s batting stance working at the ML level. Lots of movement and timing issues that will be exploited by better pitchers. His defense will be very good. This is the perfect time to see whether Aquino, Longhi, o’grady, or Crook can hold their own at the big league level.