Randy Wynne was making just the second start of his professional career on Tuesday night. The Greeneville Reds were on the road taking on the Burlington Royals in what was a non-descript game when it began. But it quickly started to feel like something special.

In the first inning Randy Wynne struck out the side on nine pitches. An immaculate inning to start the game can’t be a bad sign. In the next inning he would strike out two more batters, working around a line drive single to center field. The following inning only had one strikeout. Through three innings he had thrown just 30 pitches but racked up six strikeouts.

The fourth inning began with a 3-pitch strikeout. And it ended with another 3-pitch strikeout. Maikel Garcia flew out to center in a 4-pitch at-bat. 40 pitches, eight strikeouts. Things are starting to get crazy. The fifth inning included two more strikeouts and it was just a 9-pitch inning. In the sixth inning Randy Wynne struck out the first batter he faced, then got two ground outs to complete the frame. He was up to 11 strikeouts and was sitting on just 60 pitches.

It was in the seventh inning that the game went from “what is happening?” to “holy crap, what is going on?!”. It was the longest inning of the game for the 26-year-old right-handed pitcher. He went to a full count on the first hitter of the inning before striking him out. The next batter was also another strikeout victim, but this one only required four pitches. The same thing can be said for the next batter, but the pitch got away from catcher Jose Tello and Michael Massey reached first base and extended the inning. In as efficient of a manner as possible while recording a strikeout, Randy Wynne needed just three pitches to pull off a fourth strikeout of the frame.

Through seven innings the Greeneville starter had racked up 15 strikeouts and allowed just one hit. He had also thrown just 77 total pitches. Reminder to everyone: This was just his second start of the season. Being as efficient with his pitches as he had been, the Reds felt he could go back out for the eighth inning. The leadoff hitter flew out to center to begin the inning. The next batter struck out swinging on the fourth pitch of the at-bat. To wrap up the inning he needed just three pitches to leave Raymond Lopez looking at strike three and wondering what just happened.

17 strikeouts is what just happened. No walks. One single. He threw a total of 93 pitches in the game and struck out SEVENTEEN batters. There were 11 strikeouts that ended on a swinging strike and another 6 that ended on a called strike. An immaculate inning. A four strikeout inning. There wasn’t much missing from the start from Randy Wynne. His 17 strikeouts matched the highest total in a game this season in all of minor league baseball.

Randy Wynne was a free agent signing out of the Frontier League on June 18th. The right-handed pitcher had never pitched in affiliated baseball before, going to the independent leagues following his career at Missouri Baptist. He made one appearance for the Arizona League Reds. He quickly moved up to Greeneville. Wynne appeared in nine games for the Reds before joining the Dayton Dragons for two games when they were short on pitchers.

He would return to Greeneville on August 15th. His first appearance back came out of the bullpen against Bluefield, but he threw 7.2 innings of shutout baseball to complete the game after taking over in the 2nd inning. Last night was about as impressive as it gets as he didn’t walk a single batter and struck out 17. But that’s sort of what he’s been doing all season. He’s now thrown 51.2 innings on the season. He has walked one batter. To counter the lone walk he has now struck out 49 batters. I can only remember one strikeout-to-walk ratio ever being anything nearly this good. Back in 2002 former Red, who was a Phillies prospect at the time, Elizardo Ramirez had 73 strikeouts and 2 walks for the GCL Phillies. There’s probably someone else out there, but it’s incredible no matter how you slice it.

22 Responses

  1. MikeD


    When I saw the box score last night, I checked out his overall stats and saw 0 base on balls and I had to rub my eyes and look again! Crazy!

    Another kid that will be fun to watch. Certainly would be a great story.

  2. Billy

    These are crazy impressive numbers. I’m all excited and wanting a scouting report, so I look the guy up. He’s 26 years old pitching in the Appy League. Why? If you’re signing someone that old out of indy ball, don’t you have to put him in at least AA? He may just be filler, but he’d probably serve as filler just as well at a higher level where he wasn’t beating up on a bunch of kids fresh out of high school.

  3. Colt Holt

    In 2010 for Seattle, cliff lee threw 89 strikeouts with six walks. Given the level of competition, that is the definition of command for me.

    • PDX Brett

      Colt, I will see your 2010 Cliff Lee and raise you a 1990 Dennis Eckersley, @ 73/4 in 73 (who knew Joe Oliver would be Dennis Eckersley’s solution that year?)

  4. Fish

    What does his stuff look like? Is he an example of an older guy locating pitches dominating younger guys?

  5. Mongo

    Mongo not seen domination like this since the Billy Madison dodgeball massacre.

  6. AirborneJayJay

    How amazing is this story? Might as well move him back up to Dayton and see what he can do there in the last few weeks. He can probably get in another 3 or 4 starts there. What a night.

  7. Krozley

    I wonder if this is the first time in baseball history that the same pitcher had both an immaculate and four-strikeout inning in the same game.

  8. James

    Do the Reds actively scout guys in the independent leagues or do they just look at stats and sign guys based on that?

    • Doug Gray

      They scout everywhere. There’s a guy playing in the AZL right now that they signed out of a REC league in New York City.

  9. MK

    Noah Davis one day, Randy Wynne the next. Sounds as though Rookie League pitching is better in 2019 than 2018.

    Andy Fisher another example of Independant League scouting.

  10. todd

    Looks like a 2-seam FB with strong arm-side run. Intriguing prospect…

  11. Redsvol

    Shouldn’t he be well above greeneville if he’s 26 yrs old and coming from an independent league? Seems like this guys have slotted into double A or triple A in past?

  12. Cguy

    Does anybody here know if Scott Moss is scheduled to start the game in Columbus,OH Thursday vs the Bats? I see that he was promoted, started & won a game on the 16th for the Clippers. A 40 & 16 record means something- at least to somebody in the Cleveland organization. Might be worth the drive to see how he stacks up against the Bats lineup.