If you are new around here, then maybe you have missed many of my past articles about how little minor league baseball players are paid. And how ridiculous it is. This season the Toronto Blue Jays gave raises to all of their minor league players, essentially doubling the base pay for everyone. At this moment they are the only team to have done so in baseball. I’ve written a lot on the topic, including a way that MLB could significantly raise what players get paid in the minors without spending any actual money for a very, very long time. There’s more links at the bottom of the article for more reading if you’d like to take a deeper dive.

But let’s get to the headline. Tyler Cyr is a relief pitcher in the San Francisco Giants organization. He helped pitch their Triple-A affiliate to the Triple-A Championship. Almost all of his season, though, was spent in Double-A. Earlier today he shared his season’s pay stub.

$10,275 for the entire year, including the playoffs.

His season began in April. It ended in the middle of September. Of course, his season actually began in March during spring training – but guys don’t get paid for spring training.

With each level a player moves up, they do get a raise. Players on the 40-man get a big boost in pay, even if they’ve never been in the Major Leagues. If you’ve been in the Majors before, even if you aren’t on the 40-man, you get paid differently.

It’s making it’s way around twitter, as these things typically do. Paying people enough money to actually survive on is something I get rather passionate about. So here’s me just sharing it back with you.

Other professional sports minor league pay

The NHL treats their minor league players as actual professionals. In the ECHL, the lowest level of minor league hockey, players only get $10,790 per season. That’s more than twice what a player in rookie league baseball will get per year. Players in Low-A get 40% less than that. The ECHL players also get meal money of $39 per day, compared to $25 for minor league baseball players. The ECHL players also are guaranteed a furnished bedroom within a furnished, utilities paid apartment. That does usually mean they will have a roommate. If a player is married, they get their own furnished, utilities paid apartment. Players at the highest level of minor league hockey make over $90,000 a year.

Players in the NBA G-League has a set of salaries. The base pay is $35,000 a year. But there’s also a set of players who can get $125,000 a year in certain circumstances.

Further Minor League Pay Reading

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