Hunter Greene is nearly 14 months out from having Tommy John surgery (April 9, 2019). The Cincinnati Reds top prospect rebuilt his mechanics after the surgery, which we wrote about (and showed) back in March during his first true bullpen session of spring training. When spring training was shut down, Greene, like almost everyone else, headed back home. But a few days ago the California native headed back to Arizona where he’s now working with Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer on his secondary offerings (slider, change up).

As you can see from this angle, Trevor Bauer is recording some video of the pitch and then both he and Hunter Greene look at it, then Bauer shows what he can do to get the pitch to do a little more of what he wants.

A few minutes later, Greene posted two videos showing some pitches in slow motion from just behind the mound.

We still aren’t sure if we are going to see a 2020 Major League Baseball season, though Reds player rep Tucker Barnhart feels that we will, we are almost certain that there’s going to be no minor league baseball season. Teams are operating on that premise – with some already announcing their plans to pay players $400 per week through what would have already been the end of the regular season.

Earlier this week the Reds announced that they had opened up Great American Ballpark and the spring training facility in Arizona in very limited capacities. It’s unclear how that is going to work out for minor league players this year. Currently, they are for the most part, like the big leaguers – stuck at home to work on things on their own. As things sit right now, only players who live in Arizona are allowed at the Goodyear facility, and only those living in Cincinnati are allowed at Great American Ballpark. Traveling into either place does not currently allow one to have access.

3 Responses

  1. Shawn

    Rumor has it there was supposed to be a 30 man active roster and 20 inactive players per team. Will the inactive players be playing games? Where? Arizona? Will these games be televised? They should. Will teams have their top prospects on the inactive roster so they don’t lose a year of development or just AAA players that could help now? Some of each? I would hate to see Green miss a year of development.

  2. BK

    I’m not sure you could pay me enough to catch Hunter Greene without a mask!

  3. Charlie

    I’m probably being too optimistic and over simplifying things, but it seems like at least a possibility that if teams have the 20 man taxi squad and perhaps are allowed to let some additional minor leaguers remain with the team in addition to the 20 on the taxi squad, then some games could be put together for those guys to remain active and the 20 ready for action if needed on the 30 man. In the case of the Reds, Louisville and Dayton would seem to be reasonable choices to at least play a few games. Keep the minor league fans interested and engaged even without the normal schedule and team in place.