Last week we learned that Nick Travieso suffered with a shoulder injury as he began preparing for the upcoming season. At the time, there wasn’t a bunch of information available other than the name of what he was dealing with. That led to me simply providing the three different things it could mean according to Dr. Internet Website (patent pending, copyright 2017, all rights reserved).

One of those explanations included shoulder impingement, and it turns out that is the case. Mark Sheldon of talked with Nick Travieso in Arizona over the weekend. We already knew that because of the injury he was going to be behind the other pitchers in big league camp.

Travieso expected to play catch at a distance of 90 feet on Sunday and he hoped to be back on a mound in the next week and a half. He estimated he might be two weeks behind the rest of the pitchers.

Nick Travieso is definitely behind the guys in big league camp. He was longshot to make the team out of spring training as it was. This certainly doesn’t help him as he’s not going to get started with the rest of the group. With that said,  assuming he was going to be heading to the minor leagues to begin the season, he will be on target to begin the season on time. That, of course, assumes there are no other set backs.

Minor League games in spring training won’t even begin until March 17th. Minor leaguers aren’t due to report for another few weeks. There’s some stuff in the article from Mark Sheldon about Nick Travieso’s 2016 season, what he dealt with and what he learned throughout the season. Go give it a read.

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4 Responses

  1. Simon Cowell

    big Red flag now on his long term success. Sad as I thought he had a chance to eventually be a back of rotation kind of guy.

  2. Matthew O'Neal

    If he ends up having a career deterred by injury, I think the biggest bummer will be having hindsight on his draft class. When he was selected, there were names like Corey Seager, Joey Gallo, and Marcus Stroman still on the board.

    • Matthew O'Neal

      Try this without a glitchy phone:. I hope he can come back, and carve out the decent career we probably all expect he can!

  3. CP

    Do you see him starting the year in AA again with all the competition there will be for AAA and ML spots already?